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Outsourcing HR Consulting

In today's competitive business scenario it is not just enough to find good people. It is perhaps becoming increasingly difficult to retain good people. We at Initia understand the importance of retaining talent as much as of finding it. To help organisations retain talent and develop an understanding of the individual and his needs, we offer a host of services. Our services are targeted at helping organisations understand the individuals needs and helping individuals build a sense of ownership about the organisation, its goals, while not subordinating their own interests. We assist our client companies in setting HR policies, guidelines, processes and systems with particular reference to,

- Prevailing industry standards
- Job descriptions and specifications
- Career progression and motivation
- Remuneration and designations

All this is to ensure that you find and retain the right people for your company, which will ensure your success and in turn also our success. In fact it is our business philosophy to work and succeed together. It is our vision to develop strong and lasting business relationships with our clients so that we help each other succeed in our respective fields.

Human Re-engineering & People Performance:

We support organizations and individuals to develop competencies, build efficiencies in systems and processes combined to achieve an optimum balance between opportunities and capabilities.

Our Consultants facilitate organizations which are:
- in a start-up mode
- in a rapid growth stage
- in a steady stage
- in merger, acquisition and disinvestments case
- in a highly competitive environment

Our Core Competencies are:

- People CMM (capability maturity model)
- Behavioural Training
- HR / Organisation Development Consulting
- HR Outsourcing

People CMM (capability maturity model) - is a holistic solution to building capabilities at the individual and organisation level. The model consists of five levels which establish successive foundations for a continuous improvement of individual competencies, development of effective teams, motivation of improved performance and shaping of the workforce in accordance with the company's long-term goals.

PCMM is a framework which describes the key elements of how to manage and develop the work force of an organization. It details the upward movement of an organization from an ad hoc approach of managing the workforce, to a mature, disciplined development of the knowledge, skills, and motivation of the people which results in overall enhanced performance.

Our suite of services include:
b) HRD Systems & Procedures
c) Career Planning & Progression
d) Grade and Compensation Structuring
e) Organisation Restructuring
f) Designing & Implementation Of Employee Manual
g) Strategic Human Resource Planning For Creating Teams
h) Managing all the HR Operational Issues for organisations requiring to outsource the activities of the HR Department.
i) HR Climate Survey & Diagnosis (Organisational & Employee Feedback Assessment)
j) Employee Behavioural Training

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